Hi! Trinity Leadership Research Center welcomes you to climb the Quantum Physics Version of Jacobs Ladder TM and determine your own level of motivation development, for the purpose of learning to be your best and do your best in leading your own life and in leading others!

Your participation may also help to solve several related mysteries: (1) The Superstring Theory of Everything, (2) Fractile Behavior in Chaos Theory, (3) Evolution/Intelligent Design Theory, (4) the Holy Trinity of Christianity, (5) the Seven Rays of Hinduism, (6) Mohammad's chapter in the Quran, entitled "The Light", and (7) Mysteries contained in the Dead Sea Scrolls at Qumran.

The Jacobs Ladder Leadership Research ProjectTM

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An aura photo like the one above is your passport into the colorful world of your own subconscious.

Colors are actually electromagnetic energies that are contained within each photon of light. The "three primary color frequencies" that are contained within each photon of light appear to actually correspond to the "three primary social motives" that are revealed by the Harvard Thematic Apperception Test (TAT) and by Color-Choice Psychology from Switzerland:

The colors in your aura photo reveal the emotional energies that you are presently using in dealing with your current life situation. We are all theoretically capable of all the colors of the rainbow. If we have all three of these so-called social motives at the same time, we have a balanced " reconciling personality" and emit a white aura.

These motivational energies also influence our color choices. All four of the in-depth psychological tests used by psychologists and psychiatrists today are color choice tests. Positive personality characteristics are associated with bright colors; and negative personality characteristics are associated with dark colors, both in your color choices and in your aura colors!

Within all individuals of all groups in every culture and every religion, there is a seven-step range of relatively stable leadership attitudes that are controlled by free will; that influence our perceived worldviews about “reality;” that pass for "normal;" and that I call "Jacobs Ladder." Most individuals, groups, and cultures function at sub-optimal levels due to the types of leadership attitudes that govern the way their perceived "reality" is defined.

Research Quest: Can a simple and testable unified general theory be found that provides a scientific structure to this normal range of perceived Reality? A theory that would apply to all individuals, groups, cultures, and religions; and that would provide insights for optimizing behavior within all of mankind? A theory that would synthesize tested theories from the following areas of research?

See at a glance What Has Been Learned So Far.

The controlled scientific research has already been done: Trinity Research Center has already tested 160 individuals, some under extremely controlled conditions, within various types of groups; and there appears to be no exceptions that are not fully explained by standard, validated psychology tests. Now we need your help in performing the applied research.

This research website will now help individuals within work groups, families, and social groups to get to know themselves and each other, based on reliable feedback from standard psychology tests that are available to the public, as well as biofeedback from this aura/motive tomography device.

To participate in this simple research project:

  1. Climb Jacobs Ladder.
  2. Get a copy of Taylor Hartman's book, The Color Code, and take his Personality Characteristics Test, so as to predict what your own personality colors will be, based on personality characteristics associated with color choices.
  3. Find someone who does aura imaging and get a digital photo of your own aura.
  4. Then get a copy of The Lüscher Color Test manual on the Internet. This 8-color-panel test will help you analyze your social motives in dealing with your current life situation.

After you have completed your individual/group research project, would you like to share your inner-research experience with the world in our planned "MyOwnTrueColors™ Leadership Gallery? Send your response to jacobs@jacobsladder.com.

To begin, climb Jacobs Ladder. Then start on Step One.